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As a kindred entrepreneur spirit, I know you’re a lot like me: You naturally spend more time living, learning, and growing in the limitless, expansive place of imagination.

The magical place where ideas come to life and we’re able to create something out of nothing. That’s how I know that you can use that same magic to intentionally a life and business that’s impactful, fulfilling and abundant.

Busy-ness as usual.

Ever get stuck in a weird rut in your business?

You’re not sure how or why you got there but your days feel meh and the passion that was once a California forest fire is now more like a pilot light.

You still love your business and love what you do, but the days go by one-by-one and you feel like it should feel different... better somehow.

You start to feel the burn out, then the fear creeps in and threatens to hold you back from what you are truly capable of.

Then you become paralyzed, afraid to make a move because you begin to feel so close to failure that you think making any change, even for the better, could be the thing that finally ruins it all.

You’re sick of the darkness already.

I’ve felt like that.

And I’ve also felt a passion and mission so strong it’s all you can think about, an idea that feels so real you know in your bones you’ll make it a reality... that nothing can stop you! 

These feelings and phases are cyclical, especially in business, taking us around and around in a magical spiral, growing us, and teaching us with every turn. 

But you have an entrepreneur’s spirit.
You’re a problem-solving pro.

And when challenges arise in your business you take them head-on.

Scenario #1:

Your business challenges are leading to marketing as the solution

I need more money > I need more clients > marketing

I need more money > I need to raise my prices > I need to tell my current customers > marketing

I have a new offer > marketing

I’m ready to hire > marketing

My logo sucks > marketing

Where did that competitor come from? > marketing

What’s beneath marketing? Your brand. Your brand is the essence, the vibe, the intangible nuances of your business that make it unique, relatable… inextricably YOU

Scenario #2:

Your business problems are feeling more like personal problems

What’s behind your personal problems? Your mindset.

Being an entrepreneur inevitably leads to a personal development journey, whether you realize it or not… whether you want it to or not.

You created your business because it lights you up, which is how I know you’re here for all of it! The freedom of time, the capacity to earn unlimited amounts of money, the feeling of fulfillment that comes with making something out of nothing, the motivation after seeing the difference you’re making in the world around you.

And… you’re here for the emotional rollercoasters, the failed risks, the reluctant hire, the lost investments, the sleepless nights, the family sacrifices.

Your business is a reflection of you.
Your brand is a reflection of you.
Your life is a reflection of you.

And who are you? You are a limitless bundle of creative energy, capable of extraordinary things. You are worthy of love, joy, fulfillment, happiness and living an extraordinary life on your terms. You are extraordinary.

Scenario #3:

Your career and life have hit rock bottom.


Honey, I’ve been there, too. Darkness has set in without any sign of dawn, but you’re one of the only few who know it. Your perky personality and past successes have left you feeling completely unseen in this new phase of your life. You struggle to keep up the charade, you don’t know how you got here and don’t know where you’re going.

I’m here to tell you you do

Just as a caterpillar contains the DNA deep inside its “imaginal” cells enabling it to transform into a butterfly after completely turning to mush, you, too, contain the person you’re meant to become deep inside your soul. Imagine that.

How do I know?


Because I’ve worked with you before.


I’ve worked one-on-one with entrepreneurs like you for nearly 2 decades. What started out as a love for logo design turned into a love of branding as a whole. And my excitement of watching intentional branding catapult so many entrepreneurs toward success (however they defined it) inspired my love and obsession for the power of mindset and faith. Faith in ourselves, our purpose, our divinely guided desires, our unique gifts—ultimate, faith in God/Universe/Source.

When we collaborate together, we’re going to uncover obstacles [and limiting beliefs] that have been silently getting in the way of what you want. Somewhere between life and business there are desires not being met—desires that have been divinely placed in your heart for a reason. 

Then we’ll gather everything necessary to intentionally design a life you’re crazy about and do “the work” to make it happen.

Let’s co-create something amazing with you as the designer.
As a professional designer who’s been honing her craft for nearly 20 years, I approach life and business challenges the exact same way I would approach a design challenge.
  • Designers are innately curious, solution-oriented, visionary thinkers who believe a solution always exists
  • We push boundaries and think beyond the norm, making connections and associations that most wouldn’t consider
  • We aren’t afraid of “bad” ideas or trying something new, because we believe in infinite possibilities
  • We’re experts at reframing a situation, examining every angle from different perspectives
  • We experience what it feels like to tap into the “flow,” where time does not exist, on a regular basis
  • We are open to constructive guidance, and open to giving constructive guidance
  • We ask questions, take constructive breaks, hack through creative blocks and ultimately, utilize any means possible to tell the greater story… to solve the problem.

Let’s take the Designer’s Approach to intentionally redesign the area(s) of your life + business that are no longer reflecting your truth.

Are you ready to co-create something amazing?

[mindset + brand + business coaching]


I believe you have everything you need inside of you to intentionally create the life and business of your dreams. Every day you use your creativity and carefully honed skills to create something out of nothing but an idea.... but it comes so naturally, you might not even see it.  

I will help you shift your perspective and wield your creative prowess in a way that makes you a powerful creator of your most important work of art—your life.


[mindset + brand + business coaching]

[$3,600] 3-MONTH PACKAGE

Together we’ll identify and overcome challenges, redefine goals, and map out a custom step-by-step process to achieve them in 12 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions. Includes support via text and email between sessions, guides, resources and healing modality recommendations.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, never feeling like you’re gaining traction? Bring me your challenging questions and we’ll use my Inspired Designer's Approach together to heal what ails your creative brand and business.


[mindset + brand + business coaching]

[$1,800] 6 MONTH CHECK-INS

Accountability is everything when you're a freelancer or solo-preneur. With an hour a month to keep your goals in check, we will build and continue major momentum for the success of your business.

If you are feeling like you need a friend who just 'gets' your business without judgement of your ambitiousness, you're in the right place. You are not alone. This package was created because I wish it existed for me when I was in the early years of growing my business.

“Working with Maria has been such a transformative personal and professional experience. She told me at the start of our coaching, ‘You have the answers inside, and I'm going to help you bring them out.’ I didn't actually believe her—but she was right! Maria has led me through the process of really exploring and defining my brand, priorities, pinch points and goals. Maria keeps me accountable—with her perfect blend of patience and persistence—and I'm energized by doing the work as she guides me along. I've grown so much thanks to her expertise and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. If you want to start enjoying clarity, control and success, get Maria into your life today.”


JENNIFER HETRO, Marketing Strategist


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