Go ahead, f*ck it up

Jan 12, 2021


We love a good DIY! And we make a great team. He loves an excuse to buy new tools and I don’t like to let things get stale around here. 

  • We love to brainstorm together
  • We love to problem-solve together
  • We love to fight over who’s right 
  • We love to create something new that wasn’t there before
  • We love to work on things together


We’re pretty active when it comes to designing the life we want. We pay attention, we listen to our burning desires, we weigh the pros and cons, we make lists of lists, and we take action. Together.

And this time, action looked like ripping up tile, cutting and laying sheets of beautiful hexagon marble tiles, and grouting. Ew, grouting. We’d done it before but we didn’t really know what we were doing.

We read the back of the tub, we watched videos, and we gave it a shot. It was a MESS. And as we changed out MANY buckets of water trying to clean it up, he jokingly said… “You don’t get to be a professional by doing it right the first time.”

Yeah, I pulled out my notes and wrote that shit down… because he’s right! It applies to everything we do. Especially in business. And even in our lives.


How many times have you been afraid to start a project, start a business, make an investment, pick up the phone, speak on stage… all because you didn’t think you’d do it right the first time. 


But friends, we NEED to make mistakes. We NEED to screw up. We NEED to fail. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you ever want to succeed.

So TAKE ACTION. F*CK UP. DO IT WRONG. But do your best. Celebrate your losses. Celebrate your faults. Because without them you’ll NEVER move past them. You’ll NEVER truly learn. You’ll NEVER win. You’ll NEVER succeed.

Every mistake is one step closer to where you want to be! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Own your mistakes.
Cherish your mistakes.
Learn from your mistakes.
Teach others what you learned.
Do it again.

We’ll do it together. K? 😘


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