All over the place (on purpose)

Apr 16, 2021



I had coffee yesterday with an old friend who lovingly called me out for being “all over the place” with my messaging (like only a true friend can).


A fellow marketing mind, he mirrored [what used to be] my biggest fear. I'd tell myself... “If I talk about what I want to talk about and not what everyone expects of me, they’re going to think my business is failing, that I’m giving up, that I don’t care about my clients anymore!”


Getting called out was [at one point] one of my WORST nightmares.

I think it was the combination of not living up to my full potential, of letting people down, of making a MISTAKE. A fear that held me back for YEARS. I felt like I had too much on the line: A successful longstanding business, 20+ clients depending on us at any given time, the responsibility of feeding at least two families, and filling pockets of many subcontractors. 

As a marketer I know, my business is surely a reflection of me. Straying in messaging felt like betrayal. The idea of AND was not an option… OR was the only answer. The thought of failure was crippling.


I don’t know what happened.

Maybe it was #2020, but I made the brave decision to just up and change my mind. To reject fear. To do what made me feel good. To embrace having more than one side. To shine like the multifaceted, dare I say it, DIAMOND đź’Ž God made me to be.

Thank you, friend, for showing me (with love and kindness) that I had nothing to fear then. Hearing those words actually felt GOOD because they weren’t scary at all! And it proves SO HARD that I have nothing to fear now. (And neither do you, by the way.)


I’m setting the record straight.

For anyone else who might see me as someone who “must be going through something” or “doesn’t seem like her”. Business is STILL strong, I dare say stronger than ever. Clients are STILL coming in. Impact is STILL pouring out. Families are STILL getting fed. Contractors are STILL doing their badass thang.

And here I am, little ol’ me, doing my thang. (And if you really, truly, know me, it’s been my thing all along): Daring to embrace wholeness, expansion, balance, fulfillment, growth, joy, love… and a whole shitton of courage.


My messaging IS all over the place.

Because I want to help people all over the place: In business (via consulting), in branding (via design), in marketing (via strategy), and in life (via coaching).

By the end of this year I will be a certified Neuro-Coach and I really can’t wait to keep helping entrepreneurs on literally the deepest level I can help them. And not just entrepreneurs, I’ll be able to help anyone with a brain literally transform their life. (More to come on that, I promise.)


With the most love,

Your multi-faceted, multi-passionate, multi-skilled friend đź’Ž


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